End Of Year Renovation For Your Office

Everyone in your office works extremely hard to try and make the business more successful and to earn more money but in the meantime, it is often the case that the office itself tends to get neglected. In most cases, no one in the office will have time to give the office a thorough clean up and refurbishing. Therefore, the broken chairs in your office will remain broken and the broken equipment will simply lie around for months unfixed but it is important for you to take some time off at the end of the year to try and clean up, neaten up and fix any broken equipment in your office to get it ready for the next year.

Make a list of everything that needs to be done

Make the cleanup and renovation of your office a team effort by getting everyone in your office involved with the project. Your staff will be more than happy to have a break in their usual routine and you will be able to save a lot of money in hiring professionals to do the job for you. Of course you will need to bring in professionals for jobs such as air conditioning repairs in Glenelg and fixing of furniture but in terms of getting the office in order, there is no better team for the job that your own staff who know the paperwork that needs to be put in order and knows what to keep and what to throw away.

Make it a party

To get your staff excited about the cleanup day, you could make the day a fun day with lots of food and drinks that will motivate them to get involved and join in the cleaning. You will need to clean your air conditioning and your fans because these are the places where the most dust and dirt tends to get collected and will usually lead to your staff getting quite sick in the process which will lead to a lower number in your work force. In addition to this, a staff member getting sick due to unclean equipment in the office counts as an injury in the workplace and you will have to pay for any medical expenses that arise from such an incident.

After you have finished cleaning, it would be a good idea for you to consider implementing a no print policy in order to reduce the amount of paper that gets wasted and stashed away in your office. When cleaning, you will notice the sheer amount of wasted paper that is being thrown away as a result of un necessary printing.

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5 Rules For Stylish Business Documents


The impression you make on your business contacts and partners is an important part of success. Much of your professionalism or your brand’s identity is conveyed through the style of your business documents. Therefore, it’s an aspect you cannot ignore. Here’s what you can do to ensure flawless, elegant and stylish documents:

1. Leave enough space

An airy page is easy to read and makes a good impression. Never fill up your documents with useless information or visuals/graphics. Well-positioned blank space can be extremely powerful. Leave big margins and enough space between headers and paragraphs.

2. Customize your stamps

Custom stamps can include names and dates, but also company names and creative logos. Express your uniqueness and your business identity through a customized stamp. The easiest way to get one is to look for personalised stamps online. Certain websites let you upload your own design, based on which they will generate the stamp to use as you see fit.

3. Consider embossing

Embossed stamping is an alternative to inking, usually considered more stylish and effective. It is often used on important documents, like certificates and diplomas, but also on wedding invitations and stationery, for the style it conveys. An embossing tool, like a custom paper embosser, may create any design you like. This has numerous advantages, including the inability to reproduce the embossed part on a document. Thus, if you are concerned that your papers might be copied, simply emboss the relevant information with an appropriate tool.

4. Don’t be afraid to use big fonts

Using big fonts, like an oversized header or company logo, is a good choice. Big is bold and shows your business personality. Readers will find it easy to identify you and your documents based on this. A well chosen big font is often employed on branding as well as in short written communication. However, refrain from using large fonts all over. Instead, opt for a combination of large and small, preferably 20%-80%. This will also help you structure the text much better.

5. Use more paragraphs

This is not to say that you should write more in your business documents. On the contrary, stick to what’s necessary. What matters is that you structure the text in a manner that makes it airy and easy to read. The writing is much more accessible when you opt for more small paragraphs instead of a few big ones (or worse, a block text).

To obtain the best results, it is always recommended to use a word processor. This will ensure the much needed even structure and symmetry of the text and all the other elements on the page, including spaces and borders. Also, make sure to have consistency throughout all your business papers.


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Tips And Ideas For Planning A Seminar For Corporate Groups

Being in charge of planning a seminar for corporate executive groups or other at your company on top of your existing work can be quite a demanding task. You will need to make sure that you are going through the process of getting everything ready in the right order or you will end up pulling at your hair at the last minute. To make sure that you are getting everything ready properly, here are some steps that you can note down and follow.
Getting your objective down
If your superiors have not already given a theme and requirements for the seminar then it is up to you to confirm an objective and theme. If the whole thing is your idea then it will be easier for you to specify what you want to accomplish through this and what the outcomes you hope to obtain at the end of the seminar proceedings. It is imperative that you know what exactly the objective and outcomes for the whole event is so that you can plan for it in advance and you can let relevant groups know.
Identifying the groups and attendees
Once the objectives are understood then you can decide and confirm that different groups to invite for the event. You will need to make a short pamphlet/ information form for advertising the seminar across the groups and letting them know about the venue and time as well
Selecting the proper notifications going
Once the pamphlet has gone through some may call back for more information and such. so be prepared to answer additional questions and have a FAQ section going for the people who call for clarifications. Get the email addresses and other contact details of the attendees and have a list going and circulating through other people involved in the planning. This will be needed for getting the venue, food/ drinks and other requirements for the event. You will need to call back and confirm the event at least week before the date of the event as a reminder.
Developing the content for the program
Decide on the different people/ speakers for the event and the key note speaker. You will need to develop a short theme/ scope of presentation for each speaker and formally request them to present at your event.
Selecting the venue or business centre
Whether you decide to go for a hotel or a meeting room rental will depend on your budget and whether you can host it at your own company. After deciding on the time and venue, confirm the catering services, decorators and other groups who are involved in the setup and implementation.
Have a checklist going within the different people involved in the event to make sure that actions are not repeated. Keep the superiors in the loop and have an update email chain going.

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