How To Select An Equipment Supplier For Bakeries?

You will find that there are many equipment suppliers for bakeries. But you need to choose the right supplier so that you can benefit from quality equipment. This will ensure the taste and quality of your products and you will be able to achieve consistent quality in your work as well.

You have to use quality commercial bakery equipment all throughout the production process in order to maintain that consistency. This means starting from preparation to baking the product and preserving it. The customer should receive a quality product. This will help your reputation and help you boost awareness of your company. You may be replacing old equipment or you will want to expand the business which will call for the purchase of new equipment. If you’re beginning a bakery, you will have to research about what kind of basic bakery equipment you need for the task. You need to think about equipment that are used to prepare the dough, ovens, refrigeration systems, display cases etc.

When looking for bakery equipment suppliers, you can start by searching online. If you have people you know who are working in the same industry, you can ask for their input on reliable suppliers. You should also check reviews online and peruse through discussion boards and forums on such equipment. Sometimes, you will be able to find out about good equipment on magazines that specialize on this field. You have to check whether the supplier offers maintenance services for the equipment. This will make things easy for you. You should also go for equipment that can be cleaned with simple methods. You can ensure a thorough cleaning when you receive professional cleaning services from the supplier. You can have a professional cleaning once or twice a year or depending on the frequency of use.You will also find it easier to work with automated equipment.

Even though they may be a little expensive than the other options, you will find that it is quite a good investment as you will be able to cut down on the production time. This will call for less labour as well and it will save you quite a lot of money in the long run. When it comes to customised food products, it is better to purchase bespoke equipment so that you can get a more perfect output. There are a few suppliers who offer such services and you should check the quality of the products and their reputation before purchasing from them. There are other services provided by suppliers such as professional bakery layout design. A good design will ensure that there are no delays in the production time and the bakery is run smoothly and efficiently.

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Can Small Niche Stores Last?

Almost all of us have heard the tale of the elephant who was scared of a small ant. For the benefit of those who may not have heard it, in that story the ant could control the elephant as it could cause pain by getting into the trunk of the elephant. 

However, this does not hold true in most instances in real life. The normal scenario in the world we live in is where the ant gets trampled by the elephant even before it could contemplate entering into the elephant’s trunk.

This phenomenon is clearly visible in the market. You would surely have noticed small scale businesses either being thrown out of business or being devoured by the market giants.

For example, take a look at the next door grocery store which disappeared with the introduction of a famous retail chain into the neighbourhood.

Although rare, there are instances where small scale businesses have actually succeeded in acquiring considerable market share. The best example is the industry of craft beer Hong Kong. Even though this industry faced its own drawbacks (be it because of the laws that were in place or because of the powerfulness of the large players in the market in terms of advertising, benefits of mass productions, etc.) it managed to bounce back with vigour.  

The secret behind the success of this particular industry has been identified as “true differentiation” which means that the products are so different that the consumers can clearly identify based on the flavour, quality, etc.

In the case of fine Grimbergen crafted beer the differentiating factor is the flavour. Due to the differences in the brewing process, the ingredients used, etc., the flavour of beer changes and may better suit the preferences of many people.

Likewise, in agriculture, the latest trend is organic food. At the moment organic food is mainly being harvested in small scale farms but this does not mean that the large agriculture companies will not takeover soon.

In contrast, crotchet, paper quilling and hand crafts, especially in the jewellery sector, remain the domain of the small scale businesses as they essentially have to be done by humans.

Yes, the small enterprises advertise less (if they ever do) by spending a lot of money like the mass producers do and mainly rely on the grapevine. Once a customer purchases a good, if he/she is satisfied with it, he/she is bound to spread the rumour.

This advantage can clearly be seen in the apparel industry. People, especially women, cannot stand to be seen wearing the same outfit as someone else; they want to be unique and uniqueness cannot be achieved through mass production due to the costs.

Therefore, it can be deduced that miniature businesses may thrive by acquiring more market share and more recognition if they are craftier than the mass producers.

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