Be An Informed Individual

This may look a bit like that I am preaching to you but the truth is that we all need to learn to be informed citizens of this world. We need to know not just what goes on in our lives and things that affect it but also things around us and things that may or may not seem to affect us at all. We humans, are connected by a social link that have been formed by the mere fact of us being social animals. Almost all our actions sometimes fully or partially require the assistance of another human being. Take this example; Let’s just say that we want to wake up and go to work. The first thing we do if go to the washroom. What if when we go to the washroom there is no water? We need the people working in the plumbing and water distribution sources to do their functions and jobs well to get the water running through the tap. After that we need to go to work. What happens if our carpool driver doesn’t show up or the metro stops working because the drivers are on strike? Even if you own your own car and drives to work, still what happens if the man working at the petrol station hadn’t turned up for work today and the station is closed? What happens if the traffic police don’t play their part conducting road traffic and there is a major road accident that is causing traffic and you can’t get to work on time? Need I go on any further? I think you get it by now. The simple truth is this; we can’t live on our own and all our actions and functions are linked with each other.

So having said that let us move on to the most crucial factor; being an informed individual. You must be aware of both your personal and non-personal environments and be updated about it.

If you are a businessman then you can’t think that you should be only worrying about the numbers in your business. You must know the things that affect it even if it happens half way around the world (ex: a couple of major oil factories in middle east have to be shut done due to a riot of workers. This will lead to an increase in oil prices. An increase in oil prices leads to high transportation cost hence the item prices goes up and the demand falls). You must know things that will improve the sales of your business as well as things that will improve the public impressions of it (ex: good appearance at first sight through the use of good commercial shop fitters, polite sales persons, high quality products, ease and convenience etc.)

You must know things that are related to your field not because you need to know it but because knowledge of it is an added upgrade that will help your business. For an example the super market owner needs to know not just about the item prices and his or her employees but also about the shelves of the store (ex: different types that are durable and cost friendly like gondola shelves from Melbourne etc.), easy access to customers with disabilities, shop safety and fire proofing etc.

So as you see being an informed individual is crucial both in your personal life and in your work place.

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