How To Plan A Trip To Queensland?

Queensland is one of the best places to visit in Australia. It is said that because the territory is known for it’s laid back and relaxed culture and pleasant weather throughout the year. You may be a foreign national travelling from a destination outside Australia or resident living in Australia, it does not matter. You have the option of flying in directly to the airport of Cairns or taking a lovely sea cruise to arrive through the port of Cairns.

Do a research

A bit of research before a trip has always proven to help travelers understand what to expect during their holiday, thus checking out some of the best known travel review websites will recommend what to see, where to see and be aware of any timewasters as well so that you know where to invest your time during the trip. This will also provide you a sense of the basic financial requirement you would need to organize prior to the trip.

Getting organized
It is always better to have your tripped organized, just to make sure on how you would like to make the most of out of your trip, having said that there is a frequent finest airport shuttle bus in Cairns that operates to and from the city for the convenience of all travelers visiting the city.

The airport shuttle bus service is provided by various tour and travel companies. You can make an advance booking in order to avoid any hassle at the airport. Once the travelers reach the city it is easy to commute around using public or private transport.

Plenty of Diversity for Enjoyment and Pleasure
Cairns boast of a natural tourist destination. In Cairns you can choose to visit the Great Barrier Reef, The raintree forest, Volcanic National park and Mission beach are some of the famous places to mention. Since some of these are listed under the world heritage sites there’s much to learn as well and would be an interesting learning experience to the younger generation. You will also find many beautiful holiday properties from boutique hotels to basic hostel facilities in Cairns. Food doesn’t seem to be an issue as well for the vegetarian to the ultimate foodie, as there are many choices available and at times this could pose as a problem to figure out where you would like to have your next meal.

Be prepared for the unexpected
There is always an area of uncertainty during holidays. Even though Cairns is a tropical territory, it is also very famous heavy storms. Therefore, it is recommended to carry a handy umbrella OR some off the shelf medication to counter a cold or a fever that you could catch due to the change of climate. It is also recommended to carry some extra cash carried separately just to make sure you enjoy your holiday to the last bit without any unpleasant situations.

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Welcome To The ‘Online’ Era

We live in a day and age where the internet and modern technology play an important role in our day to day lives. For those who were born at a time where technology had grown by leaps and bounds and when fixed landline phones are almost considered an antique, carrying out day to day work using modern technology and the internet, is not anything new at all. Instead it is a mundane part of day to day life. However, for those who wrote letters to friends instead of sending whatsapp messages, using technology for day to day purposes might still prove to be a novel and complex situation. However, in a day and age where technology has become such an integral part of life and where life is a rat race as work is done speedily with the help of modern technology, it is important to know the few basic things that can be done online today.

Get all your shopping done online

Perhaps, shopping or purchasing goods for you comprises exclusively of visiting shops and stores, walking down the different rows and paying for you goods with cash. Be it some groceries or new industrial roller doors for you garage, you might make yourself to the shops in order to get these things. However, you can shop for all of these things from that can giving comfort for your garage if you shop online.

You can look up places that sell industrial roller doors, and make an online order. You can pay for them online using your cards and even have them delivered to your home. Thus, you can shop for everything on your shopping list without having to step out of your home.

Why stand in long queues?

Each time you need some money once your purse is empty, you might make your way to the bank and stand in line to withdraw some money. On busy days, you might have to wait in line for quite some time till you can carry out your banking activities. However, today, you can complete all your bank related work online. You can deposit and withdraw money as well as make arrangements for money from your account to be directed towards paying your utility bills, all without having to go to the bank. You can simply whip out your phone and complete your work through online banking options.

Go for the easier option

Thus, from communication, to shopping to checking in for your flight can all be carried out online today? You need not step out of your home or stand in long queues. Instead, you can complete all your chores and work by simply clicking a few buttons on your phone!

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Tips For Buying Home Appliances

Moving into a new home whether you have bought it or are renting it, involves so many different things. From hiring movers to the actual packing, unpacking and setting up, it takes a while before everything is in order. For those who move in general, there are probably already items they have accumulated over time which makes it easier for them as they need not run about looking for places to buy them from. Those moving out for the first time on the other hand, have to acquire all of the essentials which adds to all the stress. Seeing as how the whole process can be expensive business, money too is a concern. However, there is a solution that could work.

This one is rather self-explanatory. The habits of a single person, a couple or a family are all different to each other. As someone living on their own, you are generally able to rough it out for the most part, perhaps investing in scratch and dent fridges will work out to be a better option financially, in comparison to a refrigerator a newly married couple would purchase for example. Size matters too. It would make no sense to buy a big fridge for someone who lives alone. For a family however, a mini-fridge would not do. Take the number of people living there into account.

At a time when global warming has become a grave issue, more and more people are now aware of the importance in saving energy both for the environment and for their pockets. There are many appliances now that are manufactured bearing this in mind. Although yes, they can cost a bit more than your average home appliance, in the long-run your bills will be much lower.

Even if you do opt for scratch and dent fridges Brisbane, or decide to go with an undamaged appliances, the good thing is there is warranty. Damaged items generally carry a warranty period of about a year while others can even stretch upto 10 years. In any case, before you proceed to the checkout counter you should double check with the salesman and ensure you have all the certification you need to prove your warranty. Hold onto these you are going to need them!

Sure when it comes to home appliances, there are many household names that are famous around the world. Instead of restricting yourself to them explore your options. As long as the quality scratch and dent washing machines Melbourne is good and they have premium after-sales service, this is mainly what matters. Of course shop location is also important so that in case you have to take it for repairs, you need not embark on a road-trip. Consider the above when buying your new television or washing machine!

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Tiny Seed To A Huge Tree

Every business starts small. The people who own companies that are popular around the world and are worth thousands of dollars are those who started their business from a small scale and brought it to that place through lots of hard work and time. For example people who own huge complexes and sell clothes with branches all-around the world, involve some owners who started the company so small like they used to sell the clothes on a small vehicle that they drove throughout town.

Success of a business

There are many reasons why such small scale business get really successful. Some people who start these businesses have not even studied or graduated in these fields yet they are successful. First important thing is how true they are to themselves and their work. They need to make sure that whatever they do benefit them as well as the customers. And the products or services they do are of genuine and high quality. They should cooperate and treat everyone equally and friendly. If the job requires more people and assistance, the owners need to make sure that the assistance or other staff members get the right pay suitable for the work they do, and they also need to make sure that the staff are not given work beyond their limit. This way they would stay with the business. To have more advice regarding the business startup advise Sydney, then visit this link

Developing the business

With the success, the company becomes large with time, and this increases the processes within the organization. From controlling financial departments, to transporting and selling goods, to improving and modernizing services and so many other aspects. With responsibilities, areas to consider increases as well, the systems need to keep changing so that the business continues to be successful. A person might not be able to handle everything with the increase in business, and would need more staff, therefore the best solution is to contact corporate advisory firms to get ideas and help to get the company organized. There are many such companies that help to improve the system.

Improvement and Modernizing

Maintaining the same initial quality of personality and character, and improving services to the customers or clients is highly essential for a company’s success. When money flows in most people look for the easiest ways to carry out the process and get reluctant to spend more on quality, as a result even without their knowledge the business begins to fall. To avoid all these the owners need to be wise and make sure the customers, clients and most importantly even the staff are given equal importance and priority just like they give themselves. And they also need to make sure that they do not cheat or lie to anybody.

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Types of Equipment Every Office Needs


An office cannot run without its most essential equipment. We live in an era where there are machines to carry out almost every task in an office, and humans may do strategic planning and decision making. The key to a successful business is hiring the right people and also providing them with the right equipment so that the business’s productivity is at its best. Also, having modern equipment may create a good image among your customers. Here is some equipment that every business should have.
1. Computers
It is quite obvious that no office can function without computers. Nowadays everything is computerized making office work very fast and efficient. Computers possess large amounts of storage capacity, data processing systems, projects management software, email and even decision making information systems. They have almost taken out the need of papers and files giving more space in offices.
2. Printers
A computer has all information stored electronically but when a physical copy of it is needed on paper, printers are essential. Printers are now available in colour too, unlike old days where the only printers available were in black and white. These machines used to be huge, taking a lot of space which made businesses dislike printers. They would most probably take the softcopy to a printing press and get it done. Today, there are printers which would fit a small corner of your desk and also there are wireless printers which are portable.
3. Copiers
Imagine an era where the only way to copy a document was to hand-write it or re-type it. There were actually special people at offices that would carry out this job. Some offices would give such documents to printing presses to get copies. But now, Xerox copiers in Sydney have made this job simple. It is only a matter of inserting the number of copies you need and you’ll have them in a few minutes. Copiers can be essential when you need to keep multiple documents of one. Also, modern copiers can copy in both black and white and in colour.
4. Scanners
After the introduction of the fax machines, those were so much in use but then came the scanners. They have the ability to scan any kind of document, picture or letter and store as a soft copy on your computer. There was a time when the only option of keeping documents was to take a photocopy from Xerox copiers and file them, taking a lot of space. Scanners have made it fast and easy to store these documents electronically, saving space at your office.
5. Shredders
People may not see shredders as important equipment but truly they are. Companies with classified information may have the need to destroy documents. Tearing it by hand can be seen as an option but it cannot be 100% guaranteed that the document cannot be put together. Also it takes time and energy to keep tearing papers. With a shredder in use, all you have to do is insert the paper and it will shred your document to a million pieces making it somewhat impossible to put back together.
Other than the above equipment, laminating machines and dictation machines can also be useful. A laminating machine can carefully protect your documents while dictating machines can make writing papers easier as those would pick up your speech, saving you time. Hence make sure you get the above equipment to get fullest productivity at your office.

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Long Distance Apartment Hunting – The Do’s

Apartment hunting is never fun and definitely not so when you aren’t even living in the same area. This is where the wondrous invention of the internet comes in and make the process a whole lot easier. However, this does not make the process easy, just a little less troublesome. Gone are the days when you would have to fly across the country to view the apartment or worse close your eyes and hope for the best. So today we give to you a few tips on what to watch out for when apartment hunting.

Firstly, you have to look for locality. Finding apartments might be an easy thing but finding one in a decent neighborhood is important as well. So do some research on the different neighborhoods of the city and find one that suits your liking. Or you can simply find an apartment you like and then research the neighborhood. Do a search on all its surrounding including local businesses such as dry cleaners, restaurants and shops. The more you know about the surroundings, the better you will be able to gauge the building and the apartment.

When it comes to the listing, sadly you will be at a slight disadvantage here. Unless you have a very good friend who is willing to take a look at the apartment on your behalf, you will be relying on the pictures a whole load. Yes, they do say that pictures can be misleading but it is your best bet. If the listing doesn’t have pictures and won’t supply on request, then move on because it might not be worth wasting your time on. Make use of the pictures to get an idea of the space and the logistics. Also make sure to compare it with the specifications given, is there room for a washing machine or is there a laundry room or will you have to making use of the washing serivces in Prahran.

As said before, so picture might be misleading so the best way to know what you are renting is to ask for a walkthrough video. Now make sure to ask for a live feed or a for the tour to be filmed and sent to you. Now the former option allows for you to dictate the tour and ask to see the little things but the quality won’t be great. With the latter, quality Toorak store will be good but you don’t get much of a say in the tour. So make sure you know which one works for you. Apartment hunting is never fun but having the element of distance and add a bit of staring but hopefully these little tips will help you to make the best decision out there.

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Tips To Make Moving Overseas Easier.

Once in a while, life has a way of throwing you a curve ball in the form of a blessing. We are talking about those unexpected overseas job opportunities that are too good and too big to give up. And if it’s a job that allows you to take your family with you, how can you say no?

But moving a family, removing it from its roots and all that’s familiar can be daunting. Here are a few tips that may help make your move to another country a little easier.

Doing the research

Knowledge is the key to a complication free life. Do your research: about the place you’re moving to, the local specialties, what’s easily available and what’s not, the schools and parks closest to home, and most importantly the vaccinations that some countries have as mandatory. Also, it’s a good idea to take a few lessons on the local languages and customs to make sure you fit in well.

The house.

One of the most complicated parts about moving to another country. What do you do about your house? Sell it? Rent it? Keep it closed? These thoughts will be swimming through your mind. If you plan on selling it, put it in the market once you plans are fixed. This can be done up to three months ahead of your moving to make sure you sell your house to the right people and for the correct price.

If you plan on renting it out, get help from local renting companies and agencies to get the best results. While it’s possible to find tenants even without them, doing it with proper guidance will reduce the complications related to renting out your house.

And if you plan on keeping your house closed, pull out a favor from a friend or family member and have them check on the house, and maybe even let in some air regularly.

The things.

What do you sell and what do you keep? And what do you take with you? These are the things you need to carefully think about in regards of your household things. Put up the things you plan to sell well in advance. Not only will it help you organize the remaining things better, the money you get selling them can definitely come in handy. With the things you plan on keeping, make sure they are well packed and covered so that you don’t return home to damage goods.

For the things you want to take with you, make sure that these items are extremely vital, and that you cannot live without them. This is to cut down the shipping cost. Hire or buy a good shipping container. There are many relocating companies with reasonable shipping container hire. 

Research different relocating companies to find the most reasonable shipping container hire that suits your budget.

The friends.

The hardest and saddest part about moving; loosing friends. Making sure that you have your new address beforehand makes it easier to print out the “change of address cards”. These little things come in handy in making sure those who are important to you know how to get in touch with you. Having a Skype, Viber or even a Whatsapp account also helps a great deal to keep in touch. Believe us when we say that having contacts with your friends from back home helps a great deal when you’re trying to get over those “away from home blues” …

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How To Be Prepared To Sell Your Small Business?

You have to prepare well when you are going to sell your small business because buyers will only get attracted if you can convince them that your business has a great future. Making proper plan will increase the chance of selling because buyers can be sure about their profit and if they can find less risk, then they will be more interested. Here are some simple tips which can make you plan well.
If you can make a list of your sells for the past few years and all the statistics of gross income and expenditure, then it will attract the customers and they will grow interest in your business, but that statistics must be positive to have better impact on your listing of your perfect convenience store for sale.
The business place you have taken at lease must be legal and up to date with future contractual renewal option otherwise talk with your landlord to fix this problem. When the buyer looking for a convenience store for sale will buy your business, they want clear property, so look that if there are any complications. The staffs of your office should know about the sell and the prerogative must be up to date. Clear all the due payment of your staffs because if the buyer will find that he has to pay the staffs salary after taking the new charge they will surely refuse to buy.
You should make all the documents ready to show. And the documents must contain all the aspects of your business with all past operations, recruitment strategy, training cost, marketing, legal formalities, marketing strategy and so on.
Properly maintain your all machineries as well as equipment so that buyer do not have to spend money for the maintenance of the office.
The most important thing is to make the future business plan ready which must be shown to the buyer to influence him to buy your business. Website plays a vital role in selling procedure, so keep it up to date and you can also give an advertisement in it so that when the visitors will visit it they can see the notice and this can be a way to find buyers.
Hire a professional broker to use search engine optimization for your website and make it better to the Google page ranking. Inform all your fellow trade partners that you are selling your business so that they can be aware about it. If you can manage to show that your business has potential in future, then they will show you interest.

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Tips For Choosing A Suitable Memento

Over the years, our world has come a long way in terms of technology and education. Instrumental to these advancements were key individuals who set the ball rolling. Their innovative and curious natures have enabled us to enjoy the facilities we do today. Seeing as how human nature is experimentation, this still continues. For as long as we can remember, they have been honoured for their work with a token of appreciation, whatever form that may be in. There are now many high profile events that present these prizes in order to appreciate someone’s stellar effort such as the Grammy’s and Oscars. Here are a few things to keep in mind for your next company appreciation event.


As an organisation, everything you do, every action you take is reflective of the company’s persona. Any business would have its own profile, and image they want to portray and this is applicable to even best award plaques. Depending on how well established the company is, budgets would differ which in turn affects the high quality glass trophies you are planning to get. You should take into account what it is your company represents and ensure that translates onto the prize. After all, it is sure to be viewed by many people over the years once on the mantelpiece.


Although it may seem quite easy to simply pluck something off the shelf, you should also bear in mind the purpose of appreciation. You probably would not hand out a trophy for bravery to an actor. Are you fully integrating the nature of the accomplishment in your reward? Does it reflect what this person has achieved? Once you know this, you would be able to tailor it accordingly which reflects well on the company as whole.


At the store they may look like chunks of metal, however when presented for a reason, they take on a whole new meaning and brings joy to someone. When selecting best award plaques, of course they would appear to be shiny and dazzling; however, you need to think about longevity. After all, this is something they will treasure for years to come and a discoloured, rusty item is not something anybody would like to keep up on their shelf. Ask the store about any guarantee they can give, and if the metal is solid.


Central to any company big or small, are its expenses. Whatever they do, any money going out is always strictly monitored, and this is no different. As mentioned above, how much you can spend on trophies is dependent on how much of company finds you can allocate for the purpose. This will give you an idea of which suppliers to turn to, as well as how to design your concept. Once you have settled this, you can then place a bulk order if it is a big event, in which case you may even get some discounts.

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Benefits And Drawbacks Of Choosing Air Freight Companies

There are many types of modes that are used to ship various goods to customers, buyers, sellers, traders, etc. Therefore, these individuals spend a lot of money on shipping. If you were a seller, you would prefer shipping it for a lesser cost but speedy services. There are other factors that are considered as well. However, it’s not practical to stick to one particular factor such as price. For instance, if the seller or trader has to ship an item to another country, there are only two methods that are available;
–    Air freight –    Ocean cargo There are many comparisons of both these modes based on a number of features. However, of these two methods of air cargo has gained high popularity and demand. There are many reasons for this. Whatever the choice you make, you should be aware of the various advantages and disadvantages of these modes. Here are some points regarding this distinction regarding air freight. As this is one of the most sorted out shipping services that people are interested in: Benefits•    One of the major benefits of this method is the speedy services compared to shipping over sea freight. For instance imagine that a customer wants the item to be shipped soon. In such a scenario, you could consider same day air freight delivery services. •    On the hand, this medium of shipping is said to be the safest compared to other cargo shipping. Therefore, it’s more secure to send goods and other products by air. That’s one of the main reasons, why most buyers opt for this method. •    In relation to the previous point, there’s a reduction in expenses on insuring goods. Since the risk of goods or parcels getting damaged is very low, there’s no need to spend money on insuring it. Moreover, the airport regulations are strict for handling, packing and storing these items. Drawbacks•    Given the above benefits, there’s a major disadvantage of this medium of cargo shipping, which is the cost. Air freight charges are very costly and are even more expensive depending on the request such as same day air freight delivery. Therefore, some buyers are reluctant to make a purchase because of the price of shipping is higher than the item.
•    Moreover, the capacity you are able to store or accepted via freight companies Sydney is limited at Hence, bulk products cannot be shipped via air shipping. Therefore, for bulk orders, sea cargo would be the ideal option. As you could see that there are various pros and cons of this method as well. Hence, when you decide to choose this method, weigh these factors. Moreover, depending on the situation (e.g. urgent delivery), you would ultimately have to consider air cargo shipping.

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3 Password Manager Tools for Businesses

At present, even though there are advanced sites and portals that require web browsers to register and create passwords, it’s not safe. Not to say that, every website that you register with isn’t safe. However, the rates of hackers gaining access to personal information, is not something that is new. Therefore, many companies have got IT personnel to develop strong firewalls to prevent external parties accessing information. Therefore, companies have designed various strict policies with instructions pertaining to creating passwords. However, still there are many web users who don’t adhere to these policies. As a fact, they don’t create strong passwords, which is not in your control. As a fact, your IT department would constantly be working to help users identify passwords that they’ve forgotten and so on. For that matter IT firms have developed platforms, to ensure that customers create a secure secret code to avoid issues in the future. These platforms were specially designed to achieve a number of tasks;    Coercing web users to create strong codes     Scheduling secret code changes (depending on the company terms)    Controlling and accessing passwords by the companyDifferent types of password managersWith that said, it’s very important that companies implement these tools to provide customers with the highest security. Therefore, if you’re looking for a enterprise password management software at tools that works with different operating systems, consider the 3 listed below:i.    Keeper for groupThis is a program that can be used by companies with multiple user environments. The IT personnel have access to the credentials thus being able to manage the app. Moreover, this is available on a wide range of devices with Android or Windows operating systems. Moreover, the team is able to keep track of permissions granted, company offers and so on. ii.    LastPass Enterprise This is a widely used enterprise password management software tool and companies benefit a lot from this platform. The reason being that, it follows rigid policy. That is, even the administration handling this platform cannot access the data of the secret codes created by users. It serves multiple purposes such as warning about weak codes, various authentication methods and so on. iii.    Centrify Enterprise If you’re operating a company dealing with high-end customers or users, this is an ideal and useful tool. Moreover, it works with numerous platforms such as Windows, UNIX and so on. There are many uses of using this tools such as the following;    Attempted hacks    Monitoring correct log-ins     Monitoring activity of user account There are many other tools that are used by these businesses to secure customers information from third parties and certain personnel of the company. Therefore, it’s important that you choose a platform that suits your preferences and securities in concern. With that said, consider the tools that are mentioned here and research about it further.

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Potential Legal Issues Your Organization Could Face


A business organization is always at risk of facing legal action as a result of a variety of reasons. An organization, in the carrying on of its business, is vulnerable to legal action being brought against it and the organization may find itself liable to pay compensation, damages or fines as a result.

Here are a few of the major areas of concern that are most likely to result in organizations facing legal action.

Employee Fraud

Organizations are usually liable for the fraud or negligence of its employees, if such fraud or negligence occurs in the normal course of business. Organizations can make use of strict internal controls to prevent such incidents; measures such as segregation of duties, restricted access to sensitive information and CCTV cameras are examples of the internal controls an organization can implement in this regard.

Employee Protection

If an employee is injured or harmed during the performance of his or her work duties, then the organization may find itself liable to pay damages or compensation to the employee concerned. Employee safety in the workplace is covered by legislation; such legislation sets out the various obligations an employer has in protecting the health and safety of its employees. Get an in depth look on how workplace safety is being ensured over here 

For example, the legislation will usually include provisions requiring organizations to supply safety equipment to employees for relevant jobs. Therefore, if an organization fails to adhere to the provisions in the legislation and if an employee is harmed on the job, then the organization may find itself having to compensate the injured employee. In order to avoid such situations, a business can make use of whs consultants in Sydney (workplace health and safety consultants) who will advise the business in this regard.

Customer Protection

If customers are injured as a result of using a business’ goods or services, then the injured party can have a legal claim against the business. Therefore, it is important for organizations to produce their goods and services while taking into consideration the safety of their customers. For example, a food manufacturer could be sued by a customer who suffered from a bad stomach as a result of consuming the manufacturer’s product. Thus, the food manufacturer should pay closer attention to the quality of the ingredients used in his products as well as aspects of the manufacturing process that could impact the quality of the food.

Environmental Damage

If an organization causes damage to the environment, they once again put themselves at risk of legal action being brought against them. In addition to the financial consequence of paying fines or damages as result of the legal action, the resulting reputational damage will affect the revenues of the business in the future as well. Thus, in conducting their operations, businesses should take care not to cause excessive environmental damage.

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Hiring A Clerk To Manage Your Finance Of Business

You’ve worked hard to build your business. You know how many times it took to grow your business. As a business person you will definitely a team to grow your business further. And with all other professionals the person you will definitely need is a clerk to manage the finance side of your business.

The bookkeeper will keep all the records of your receipts, your expansions and also can advice you about how you can save your money. And this person will responsible for maintaining an organized record keeping system. By doing a great job, it helps you oversee the financial activities of the company. These professionals keep the all day to day accounting records which helps to understand about all the profit and loss very easily. Visit this link for more information about bookkeeper in Carindale.

Finding a bookkeeper requires careful research and planning. You need to execute good decision making when it comes to choosing the best person for your company. You need an expert one for these works. And here are some important tips to choose the right person for your company.

Do the research by yourself. You can get referrals from your other business buddies. Companies you are dealing with for several years. Ask them about the services of these professionals. Check online for further details. After getting the proper persons reference do your own research. You can search the name in the Google to know more about that person. There are many accountant consultants who provide these professionals and CPA. Check their official pages and remarks from other clients. Check background in details. Shortlist some you are interested and then do the detail research and also compare them with each other. Also consider their working style and your needs.

Experience person will be better as always. It is advisable to choose the experienced one than any new one. Experienced person will do his job more quickly and efficiently. Also you will not have to spent enough time tell that how and what is the work you want to done by him. But it is also a fact that experienced one will ask for more fees. And you may not able to give that according to your small business. Then you can choose a newer one. But keep in mind to choose one who is willing to learn. This will not only make your job easier but also will help him to gather experience.

Check if the person you are going to hire is work oriented or not. Bookkeeping is a really responsible and hard work. Your whole business depends on your clerk. He is not allowed to have any mistakes. His one simple mistake can cause you a huge amount of lose. The bookkeeper in Brisbane South should be a trust worthy person on whom you may lay your companies accounting responsibility.

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