Top 6 Ways To Attract Customers To Your Site

Do you run your own business website? Do you have trouble reaching your traffic and conversion goals? Don’t feel down; these are common problems many online retailers and entrepreneurs face. The online business world is more competitive than ever, so it’s difficult to get a firm footing just with a website and a Facebook page. If you are struggling to attract customers to your site, then check out the following tips to improve your sales and popularity:

1. Offer Free Stuff
A free promotional gift will attract customers to your site like bees to honey. People love getting free things, especially online. So, take advantage of this fact and offer free samples of your product on your Facebook and other social media pages. Soon, your post will get shared around and people will visit your website. You can lure in loyal customers by offering them free things at first.

2. Use Keywords
Don’t hesitate to employ some search engine optimization tactics and use keywords on your web pages, advertisements and online content. The right keyword will make your site rank high among Google search results. However, take care not to cram too many keywords into one place. You can visit the great site using this link for more of company gifts.

3. Blog Around
Don’t stop with social media to promote your products and create brand awareness. You should be blogging, too. A blog is a great tool to attract followers and create sharable content. So, hire a good writer today and start blogging.

4. Advertise Sales
Do you offer promotional gift items, seasonal sales or discounts on your website? Then don’t wait to advertise these. You don’t have to buy print ads in the paper. Instead, use your social media channels and Google AdSense to spread the word about your sale or discount around the web.

5. Organize a Real Life Event
If your customer base is mainly local, you can organize a real life event to promote your website. For example, you can organize an ice cream giveaway in the summer, or a special Christmas gifting event in the winter, to attract customers who might not otherwise be exposed to your website.

6. Get Listed on Google Maps
Google Maps is an excellent tool to create credibility. Customers prefer to deal with e-businesses that have a real life manifestation, like an office listed on Google Maps. Also, if you have local customers, Google Maps will help you get ranked high on local search results.

Doing business online nowadays is tricky. So, don’t hesitate to use one or two if the suggestions above to improve your traffic and conversion numbers.

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